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Appointing your own Loss Assessors to manage your insurance claim and deal with your insurer's loss adjuster can substantially improve the outcome of your claim both in terms of the amount paid out and the time it takes to complete the claim handling process.

Benefit From Professional Representation

You wouldn't go into a Court of Law without professional legal representation, so don't enter into negotiations about settlement of your insurance claim, with potentially many thousands of pounds at risk, without your own claims management loss assessors there to assist you. Loss assessors understand that this can be a difficult and stressful time for you, and that they are there to help:

What the right loss assessor will do for you

Did You Know?

Reasonable Guidance With Your Claim

The insurer must provide the policy holder with reasonable guidance on how to make the claim and give them information on the progress. As with many of the FSA principles, it is open to a wide range of interpretation and is most frequently violated by insurers. There is little or no recourse to the policy holder when this 'reasonable guidance' is not forthcoming. Policy holders must reply on their own resources and that's were a qualified Loss Assessor comes into the picture.

Make sure your loss assessor is properly certified

When looking for a loss assessor, make sure they are certified by and are members of the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) and that they are authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

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Click on the image above to go to the Certified Claims Management site, certified independent loss assessors in the UK with "no-win, no-fee" terms.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices

An insurer may be acting "in bad faith" if the insurer delays, discounts or denies payment without a reasonable basis for its delay, discounting or denial. In these situations, the insurer might use delaying tactics to coerce the insured to accept a low settlement offer as the insured doesn't want to wait any longer to conclude the claim or, the insurer attempting to settle a claim for less than the amount to which a reasonable person would have believed was entitled or attempting to substantially diminish a claim requiring an insured to initiate litigation. There are many types of bad faith insurance practice, please click here for further information on Bad Faith Insurance Practices.

Loss assessors specialise in all aspects of insurance claims management and can assist in the preparation and presentation of all domestic and commercial insurance claims resulting from fire, flood, storm, burglary, impact damage, subsidence or blocked drains.

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